A Vital Mission at Hand

Support Our Search and Rescue Dogs

At Mancs a Kézben Egyesület, our trained search and rescue dogs are crucial in locating missing persons, saving lives with every call out. Your sponsorship can make all the difference.

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Search Dogs

Our trained search dogs are skilled in navigating through challenging terrains to locate missing persons swiftly and efficiently.

Rescue Dogs

Specialized in rescue operations, our dogs play a crucial role in emergency situations, ensuring rapid response and safety.

Immediate Call-Out Support

Our teams are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, ensuring that every call for help is answered promptly and effectively.

What Our Sponsors Say

„The dedication of Mancs a Kézben Egyesület’s search and rescue dogs in finding missing persons is truly commendable. Our sponsorship feels deeply rewarding every time a life is saved.”

Zoltán Kovács

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovatech

„As someone who has seen the impact of these heroic dogs first-hand, I can attest to the profound difference they make. Supporting Mancs a Kézben Egyesület is a cause worth every penny.”

Éva Horváth

Director, Humanitarian Aid Foundation

„It’s incredible to witness the capabilities of these dogs in action. Our organization is proud to be a part of this noble mission, helping to reunite families with their loved ones.”

Tamás Nagy

CEO, LifeLine Tech

Impact of Our Search and Rescue Dogs

Our trained dogs play a crucial role in enhancing search and rescue missions, significantly increasing the chances of successfully locating missing persons.

Lives Saved Annually

Missions Participated

Training Hours Per Dog

Percentage of Successful Finds

Join Our Lifesaving Mission

Your support can bring hope and help to those in desperate need. By sponsoring a search and rescue dog at Mancs a Kézben Egyesület, you are directly contributing to saving lives. Every minute counts in a search mission, and your sponsorship could be the difference between life and death. Act now—support our four-legged heroes!